About Us

Our story

Have you ever been dissatisfied with a pre-mixed drink you bought and wished that the taste was more carbonated or fresh? This is a common problem, as there are a lot of diluted mixes in the market that don’t taste good at all. Have you tried to mix two liquids with your finger and realize they never mix right? Due to the different density of the two liquids, you will never be able to get the taste right. With the Mixit patent technology, you will have a flawless mix every time that mixes it fresh as you drink. The best part is you can keep it in the fridge and save it for later if you don’t want to finish the entire amount. When you come back to drink, you will still get the same fresh taste as you did when you put it away! With the Mixit, you control your own ratio, which means your drink can be as strong or as weak as you like with just the tilt of your hand. Try it, we promise you won’t regret it! If for any reason you’re not satisfied with our product, you can return it for your money back, guaranteed! The future of drinking is in your hand!

Our design

Mixit Fresh has spent 7 years of hard work brainstorming with two different engineering firms to create a completely uniquely designed device made specifically to satisfy your creative needs. After 4 patents issued, a lot of sleepless nights, trials, and mistakes, we finally created a product that will change the way you drink. After using MixIt, you should never be satisfied with a single flavor drink again.

How We Are Different

Premium Quality
Our product is made of high grade PET plastic that is dishwasher safe (top rack) and easy to disassemble and put back together.
Since the MixIt attached directly to your can of choice, you can easily drink some now, store in the fridge and take out later to enjoy with the same great taste. Our top actually seals the can so everything is as fresh as when you opened it.
With the MixItFresh you never need glasses or cups of any kind. This means your mixed drink can go anywhere you do including beaches, parks, events and so much more!
Since you control the mix and the can you can literally create a limitless number of drink combinations. You can even get super creative with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Kids love the MixIt because they can create so many different flavor combinations -- it's endless enjoyment!

Perfect Mix Every time

With endless possibilities, everyone can find their perfect mix each and every time
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